50 Titleist ProV1 Balls.

Washed and cleaned 50 of these golf balls are up for grabs,some have slight paint chip and ink marks, but apart from that very good balls,there are no visible cuts to any of them.

This morning has been a morning to test the patience of a robber : why do people act the way they do?
Some people think that wasting other peoples time is the in thing to do,sadly some of these morons actually get a kick out of doing what they do? and make a decent healthy living from getting something for nothing,what am i talking about?
One person in particular in Ireland ordered 12 Titleist balls and paid with postage a total of £5:99 which in my opinion is a very fair price for 12 new yes new ProV…DTS…PT Carry…NXT..NXT Tour Etc Balls,which was clearly marked in our advert with a picture.
I get an email stating that i was trying to decieve him and others? and he was not happy because he wanted “Yellow Balls” i made contact with the person as i was very upset at his comments and asked why did he not ask for Yellow Balls? i instantly refunded his money without question and asked him not to bother wasting my time any further.

We have provided excellant service to a lot of golfers,we answer enquiries in a very polite fashion,and have not had any negative remarks on the quality of golf ball we have sold previously.
I take snide comments like this very personaly and can tell you one thing giving him his money back was the finest thing i could do,maybe that huge price of 99p for 12 new balls was to much money or he avenged his spite at the postage charge of £5 delivered to his door.
I just hope others do not have the misfortune of meeting this messer in the future?

Anyway that is neither here nor there,today is another day often full of surprises for many,some will find good fortune with a nice win on the lottery (let me know if you do?) some will find love and happiness and some will endure the same meaningless toll of day to day life,whatever it brings just keep smiling and be nice to everyone around you…honesty and civility costs nothing.


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