It has been a very good Srixon morning.

The wind and rain never stopped our search this morning and has not stopped golfers either,the course was quite full of people walking the course with pretty umbrellas.
No sooner had we arrived and the retrieval was underway our very first 2 balls buried under leaves and found by tilly-miss were ProV this rang alarm bells and had me thinking are we on a roll for another ProV day.
Sadly this was not to be,we instead had a good return of Srixon AD333 and the ZUR Ball which was not a bad find considering.
It is amazing to think we walked the same course late last night and walked away with over 40 balls thinking we had cleared the entire walk
then we made an early return today and still managed to find another 40 balls? am i going blind? are there midnight golfers with lamps cowering for a free round in darkness…? the mind boggles


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