Top-Flite Golf Ball

Recently tried to give away 1000 of these balls and guess what, not a single taker,not a single phone call or mail enquiry,please tell me what makes this ball such a vast selling ball? every course you walk there is loads of this crap laying idle…ok the new logo design makes it look a little more presentable and gives it a little added jazz compared to the older dull and boring previous logo.
Why do so many of these Top-Flite Balls get sold, i want to know the answer to this? nothing annoys me more than finding that old minging ball and guess what tilly-miss has never ever brought one anywhere near…god what a clever dog…
Well my theory is as follows :They are so cheap people buy them : Golfers do not have a clue what ball to buy and buy cheap : or they have done there money on a pair of shoes or umbrella and cannot afford to buy a decent ball :or the spangled pants and flower shirt wont leave enough to buy a good ball? im sure the answer is in there somewhere?…..and if that is not bad enough they even etch a bloody great mark round the ball?…are they serious? could you ever imagine etch marking your name on that ball…the only thing i would do is paint out the name and hope nobody was there to watch me do it lol…..

Had to get this picture this morning.


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