Bridgestone Dodgy Golf Balls or Fakes?

Whilst out enjoying the sights of a golf course today we started coming across a few Bridgestone balls laying in hedgerows and in leaves,but rolling those balls in my hand you could feel very fine specs of the ball starting to wear away, this i have not noticed before and when i returned home the magnifier was out and you can see the outer layer flaking away all round the ball,this was also very clear on a few of the others found? prompting me to ask the question are these a fake batch of balls?…..anyone had similar problems?
I then proceeded to wash these balls in a formula introduced by myself
over the last few years and within minutes the cleaning agent we use disgarded any sign of scuff,there was no visible sign of damage in anyway or shape.
Do you think they are a fake ball or just end of line?


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