It has been a Titleist ProV morning.

We can honestly say this mornng has been the best we have had in ball retrieval.
Out in the country we took a drive 30 miles in the hope of finding a few golf balls, when we arrived and started our walk through some pretty rough and harsh woodland and wasteland the fun started,it was ProV ball one after the other and i am seriously talking brand new beauties that would be sold without a wash.
Tilly-Miss was in her glory with golf balls just laying idle and a few appearances from the mighty enemy Bugs Bunny oh what fun she was having and as for me i couldnt believe what was there waiting for someone to pickup and take away.
All the walks we have done in the past had never brought so many of such a particular top name ball,it was a journey that we shall repeat in the near future when it will give time for our golfing friends to let the pile stack up over a few weeks….
Due to the very rough terrain Tilly-Miss looks like she has been to war she has a couple of nasty scratches and scuffs on her tummy and has a slight marking on her right leg that she keeps going back to,obviously licking it to hopefully make it better,i will keep a close eye on things and see how she reacts in the next few hours,in the meantime she is sleeping and already dreaming about the enemy Bugs Bunny as she is yelping in her sleep…..we are back to a local course late afternoon.


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