Good soaking on the golf course tonight.

Tilly has been side by side all day,everytime i move she is there waiting and hoping to be out in the woodlands,bearing in mind we had been out and retrieved more than a golf shop would sell in a day,she wanted more woodland action.
The rain was teaming down and tilly had been pestering me all afternoon, i then get her jumping on the sofa and nudging me, so come on lets go and see whats out there,wife said you must be mad going out in that weather your catch a cold, so buggar it lets go somewhere differant for a change, so we head to Wycombe Heights not the best course but an easy walk through.
We soon started pulling Bridgestone then Taylor-Made then Titleist and the ever faithful Top-Flite Ball….not a day goes by when you do not find one of them horrible balls : i offered a charity shop 1000 of them horrible balls and they wouldnt even take them free? what does that tell you about that ball? anyway getting back we were soon getting drenched as the sky opened tilly saw 3 deer in the distance of a dimly lit area of the course and bolted after them without any chance in catching them up and i carried on walking at leisure despite my clothing drenched and continued picking up a vast range of Calloway & Srixon ZUR’s followed by Maxfli.
Sooner than expected it was getting darker faster than i could see a ball,so we made the journey back home to dry out, here is a couple of tilly-miss after a good towelling down getting quite comfy next to the fire and snuggling up on the sofa…..Peace at last until the morning i hope?


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