Tilly-Miss being naughty chasing deer.

Tilly was in one of them moods today and was very naughty when she was surprised to stumble across 2 lovely deer sleeping in the hedgerows close to field sidings.

I dont know who was more shocked the deer or tilly

But she was determined to start the chase and that is exactly what happened

Running round this field trying to make ground on a deer was no contest, the deer were so fast that tilly gave in after a few yards

The deer returned for some more fun and games it seems and tilly obliged with a short sprint that had them chasing round the field again

Everything ended very well with tilly realising she would never keep pace with them due to there speed and agility,could you imagine how father christmas feels? is it any wonder he only ever comes around at xmas the poor man must be dazed and confused for the next 11 months after travelling at such speed.

Here is Wally the tractor driver and gardener who keeps watch on the local fields and buildings,he gets a bit shy and doesnt want the boss to know he is being a little bit lazy

And finally tilly-miss if i cannot have the rabitt or play with the deer a shrew will do

Click on the pictures for close up and better quality.


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