Not sure if you could eat these ?

Whilst walking another golf course boundary i came across these mushrooms

I wouldnt like to eat them just in case they kill me,this next one looks like it has death waiting to be picked all over it

I think these lovely white button mushrooms would be ok, but just wouldnt chance going down with anything,does anyone have any views on the items pictured.

Back in the wild just strolling taking our time on a beautiful crisp sunny day,leave the world to its own problems and enjoy the great outdoors.

Where else could you find the peace and quiet with the only background you hear is the birds singing and tilly-miss being so happy
in the environment she simply adores,she knows her way round our walks and would be happy to stay forever enjoying her freedom

Not a deer or rabitt was seen today and we looked at many locations
where deer roam, i wonder if they have moved on to another location

We are going to our local woodlands very soon to see if we can see any deer we will trawl through the heavy walk-way in search of finding them as i know they will be laying deep in the foliage behind the battered forest.


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