Its all happening around a golf course.

Out and about this morning enjoying the peace and quiet of the woodlands,tilly-miss was again in hunting mood and it was not long before she claimed her rabitt which she has been following and chasing without much luck, but today was the day bugs bunny met a unexpected farewell

Sharp and alert as a button tilly was looking for some fun and this big bunny never gave in easy,sadly the rabitt was yet another victim of the awful mixi virus that sends them blind and basically no quality of life,so tilly ending her days has done a favour to the poor thing.
Whilst enjoying our walk through the woodlands we met the 2 roa deer again,they have settled well in the woodland and are seen most days enjoying the freedom of the natural habitat,i couldnt get close enough to get a good picture but click on the photo and you will see them standing and watching us from a distance,they are so alert with fantastic hearing and they look quite marvellous in colour and appearance,it is always lovely to watch them roaming.

Walking back through the woodlands we met 2 ladies who were walking there 2 dogs both beautiful and young labradors who are sisters,luckily for the 2 dogs these lovely ladies came to there rescue after they had been abandoned in a cruel way,but seeing them well behaved sisters together enjoying the freedom of the great woodland walkway makes it a happy ending,they will have a fantastic life and will give so much pleasure to the ladies who care for them,it was a pleasure to meet you all.

Is there a Mr & Mrs T anywhere in Berkshire ? prone to playing golf ? if so tilly retrieved a ball that you lost, a nice Titleist ball NXT range with the logo Mr & Mrs T in a quite unusual design, if you need the ball we have it here for you waiting to return it,anyone who goes to that trouble of adding there name must be in love and it must have a good and special meaning personally to them.
Now for a nice cup of tea…..bye for now.


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