Cut and scratched and soaked through all for a special golf ball.

Laying there cold and lonely a white ball with a logo you just have to have

Tilly was away chasing a rabitt or a squirrel and just was not interested in what was happening to me, that ball was covered in slime and a slug sleeping on it but ooh baby you were coming out of there,my favourite football team was not stopping in the cold any longer but there was one obstacle in the way a very thick and prickly thorn bush and blackberry bush,jasus christ them thorns were pulling me in places wayne rooney would be frightened to own up to,i could feel the thorns ripping at my back and arms not to mention other places,i am on one foot now trying to get a proper stance to reach that ball i would have probably stood a better chance if i was drunk but perservere i did and finally managed to clear my arms rip my shirt and get my beloved ball whilst there was no sign of tilly-miss.


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