In search of that elusive golf ball….contd with more pictures.

A woodland that has been bulldozed apart in recent months,which is a shame as the wildlife are being forced out more and more.

Here are some of the things that thrive in the wild

And what is living in here? far to big for a rabitt warren

Tilly was a little reluctant to investigate this and made a quick exit, this suggests a badger set is deep underground…a wise move from tilly im thinking.

Here are some pictures under the thorn bushes, getting these snaps cost me a few more scratches to go with the rest,also tilly had a few under her chin and on her back which were removed when we got home,she is always inspected when we arrive home to make sure there is nothing laying on her.

And had to get a picture of this

The long walk before the woodland undergrowth.

Thank you all for mailing me with your comments on how you enjoy the efforts we try and write as and when we can,we try our best and are very pleased that visitors in japan tokyo america and canada enjoy reading what we put together,tilly is gaining quite a following and throughout the weekend 113 email’s arrived with some nice comments…thank you all.


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