Tomorrow we go crawling through the thorn bushes.

Walked round a course this evening and caught glimpses of lots of golf balls in many colours just sitting waiting to be rescued,so tomorrow i will join tilly on the long crawl through some very prickly undergrowth.
We will scoop what we can and be out of there very fast,god knows what is laying in there, have seen some very deep holes which straight away suggest badgers and fox lair along with lots of rabitt holes,it will not be easy for me but we have to clear them balls before someone else beats us to it.
Tonight was a pleasant walk which sadly ended as the darkness fell,the course was empty apart from 2 people,wildlife was evident with 6 deer hurtling across the boundaries at an alarming rate, rabitts were jumping around playing with each other and the sly fox was sat watching from a short distance hoping to gain his meal for the night.
Tilly was chasing rabitts and this evening caught 2 sadly both had that horrible disease called mixi which leaves them blind and pretty lifeless the last rabitt tilly had was sitting there with tilly side by side until it made the fatefull mistake of trying to move,once she did that was it an ear piercing squelch from little bugs was the last thing i heard apart from some bones crunching,then came the ritual of the taking and burying the poor rabitt who is better of dead than all its suffering.
Camera will be with me tomorrow to show some pictures of life under the thorn bushes….wish me well.


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