Ultra ball day today.

Nearly all the balls were from Ultra today,we had a bag full of various sorts..sadly only a few Titleist ProV’s were retrieved from tilly-miss with her usual routine of running past me flicking the ball in the air,when i see that happening that makes me even more happier as i know that is a good proV…as i said before she doesnt do that routine with any other ball.
Calloway balls have gone quiet for the time being and Nike seem to be even more quiet it has been ages since we had a good bag of Nike,is there a pattern developing i wonder mmmm makes me think so with local courses not looking to be very busy do we put it down to the holiday season or waiting to be paid at the end of the month?
We caught a guy looking for balls on my stretch today,i questioned what was he doing and he replied looking for balls so i said “what in that grass you must be mad fella there is a adders nest in there” he he within seconds he was gone not to be seen again…sadly it was a little white lie which got rid of him the easy way.
Tilly has been injected and her wound is healing very well the vet has promised that she will be as fit as ever in a few days,we apply an ointment 3 times a day and it is working great i just have to be careful which areas of woodland i let her in.


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