Will my Tilly-Miss find fame.

I have been away for a week in europe arrived home to find email waiting from Serbia for another 3000+ golf balls from my good friend Simi who organises a lot of golf tournaments and competitions in many areas surrounding…..

Another couple of email from people in Oregan and Montreal requesting our golf ball vending machine these people live on courses and wish to add machines on a fence so golfers can purchase a new ball whilst having a round ? smart thinking that is a great way to make money doing nothing.
In the UK we have a company looking to purchase our round sphere golf ball machine,this was the very first golf ball machine in the uk tilly-miss ever introduced and has been a hit with golf courses and clubs throughout,it would hold 250 golf balls and is a fantastic machine.
Will tilly-miss find more fame? we have featured in the national press and a top selling golf magazine in the past with a 4 page spread on ball retrieval,we have now been approached to do an article on the great golf ball lady for some magazines,more pictures wanted and lots more info on what we do? which is simply walk the woodlands find the balls and add them to our golf ball vending machines,it has also been suggested that the production company would be interested in doing a documentry on tilly-miss and her antics which i am sure would make great tv compared to the shit we have to watch everyday so bring it on and lets see what happens.
Sweetie time….arrived home and more flavours for our machines,we are adding Jelly-Beans and some fizzy mix to quench the taste buds.
We are now heading for a golf course to bring home lots more golf balls hopefully…no peace for the wicked it seems.


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    Will my Tilly-Miss find fame….

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