Golfers should know better.

Why oh why do they keep playing with cracked and split golf balls,and to make things worse the ink marks and the scuff marks surely add nothing to there game,is this a sign of some hard times creeping in to the golf game? we have been at a new course and couldnt believe the amount of crap and useless balls we recovered,seriously lumps out of them,split down the oval,names you couldnt read,we come away vowing to steer clear of the place in the future, maybe it is a case of look at my fine set of clubs,look at my amazing trolley,but please please please do not ask to see my ball(s)? pardon the pun.
Were of out again now to try and hopefully find something decent,something worth washing and something that golfers will be proud to add there £1 coin to buy that ball from our vending machine.
I hold my head in shame and hope this government doesnt tighten its belt anymore on the working people who can afford the luxury of modern day golfing accessories,but sadly cannot afford a decent golf ball?


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  1. Golf Training Aids Says:

    […] Golfers should know better. « Tilly the Golf Ball Retriever Dog […]

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