Things shaping quite well.

Since adding the range of sweets to our machines things are changing
we secured a site this afternoon in Maidenhead and with a possibility that could lead to another 2 which certainly seems good.
The landlord was happy that the sweet range would benefit his dart teams and of course the children that arrive with there parents.
My other machines are also doing very well in the cotswolds a large amount of Calloway balls will be added in the morning and the sweet range will also be topped up after a busy weekend at one of the clubs that is a very busy family outlet,more local to home we have been asked to call in and top up a machine after a weekend of lots of children visiting so all good stuff.
I also have to visit a couple of outlets in Slough and let them see the machine. The sweet and ball concept is working very well and we will continue to look for more outlets in Berkshire areas,we have to remember its not only children who like a sweet???

The Wasabi nut has been asked for at a pub i am happy to add this line but i must first get appropriate labels to display on the pots warning people of the danger and that the wasabi is like a fire in the throat,i took some sample of wasabi to a local pub and handed them to regulars to try it was an amazing sight to watch people had tears streaming down there face,some were pulling faces like kwasimodo in sheer shock at the heat but they agreed after the initial shock they were very nice.
Tonight brought 43 balls in 1 hour on a local course we had the official match ball from the Open championship a nice Titleist ball and a lovely Manchester United ball which was great considering they played this evening (will add them tomorrow)
Sadly today i attended a funeral for a dear friend in the family aged 56
diagnosed with cancer only a few months ago,lots of family and friends attended the service which was very beautiful with some lovely readings from family members,it was a pleasure to be amongst so many people who loved and cared for Jean Bartlett rest in peace jean your pain and suffering is no longer x thank you to all the family it was very nice to see you all.


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