Ball of the day.

Had to choose this ball simply because of its branding,just a shame that it was not added on a Titleist ProV ball instead of this rather sad looking Top-Flite which had split full circle.

We have collected 43 balls this morning in the pouring rain and the golf course is quite busy,it seems the people just cannot keep away.

Mostly Srixon balls are turning up today yesterday it was Pinnacle and previous to that was Calloway there seems to be a pattern developing
in various makes….but still the cheap and nasty stuff is still evident around the woodlands with split balls and unreadable names so worn it makes you wonder why do they use them it will be very interesting to see how things shape up in the coming months as the credit crunch starts kicking in deeper,will we see a dramatic change in the ball of choice for golfers?

Monday i am told is captains day at a local course and the gentleman told me to be out and about as there will be lots of balls lost due to them obviously being not to good at there game? his words not mine?
I couldnt possibly repeat his comments as it would get me in a lot of trouble lol.
Have a good weekend everyone stay safe and play safe and please use a decent ball.


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