One for the Ladies.

Whilst out and about this evening Tilly-Miss came bounding through the long grass with this lovely pink Calloway ball.
A very nice ball and another to the list of colours that are starting to appear.

I would have thought Calloway would have inscribed there logo in black rather than the pink but thats just my initial thoughts.

Must say i like the logo design of the Solaire but should imagine this to be a very very hard ball again my opinion but the feel to it is solid.

Getting back to colours again today has seen a big increase in people using some very powerful Orange and Yellows in the last 2 days we have found over 24 which is not a lot but at this time of the year it makes you wonder if Spec-Savers might be doing a lot of business on golf courses in the near future.

Now Tonight !!!!!! dinner is prepared and the camera waiting to go fully charged and waiting for important visitors to arrive,you might be thinking VIP People coming to visit tilly-miss? eer not quite…calm please…were waiting for the cat and the fox to appear,a huge feast of cooked mince is going to be heated around 2200 hrs and laid on the lawn waiting for the new found friends to arrive,it is marvellous to watch them both and i cannot wait to catch them out with a flash of light from my camera,so until then ladies back to your knitting and enjoy your evening.


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