Fox and a Cat having dinner on my lawn.

Made some food for the fox tonight just something light to keep him going,a nice dish of corned beef and rice….no sooner was it out on the lawn arrived a cat followed minutes later by the fox (scraggy) aptly named as he/she looks a bit tattered and worn.
I couldnt believe the cat never moved and scraggy was not in the least bothered, i put tilly-miss up to the window to watch this weird bit of bonding of fox and cat friendship and both cat and fox looked straight at me and tilly and carried on eating, i never got the camera so couldnt get a picture sadly enough but i will have it handy for the next feast,this is now the second time the two friends have shared a meal together very strange i wonder who is scared of who ?
Scraggy has been a early morning prowler who arrives around 01:30 each morning his food is cooked and put out each night from 22:00hrs
and yes i prepare his food myself,scraggy has been a daily visitor since last xmas and we notice he is making appearances earlier than before he eats his food and he is gone until the next night,last week i noticed he was limping and his front leg was playing up but no sign of injury tonight he was moving quite freely and he looks a little healthier.
Tomorrow they will share a big bowl of fresh cooked mince that will hopefully keep him going.


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