No rest on Sunday.

We were out and about early this morning visiting a couple of local courses in the area and within the hour retrieved around 80 balls.

As you can see they all need to be graded and sorted,looking at them i think a lot will be going in the bin as they will not shine after a good clean.
Sorting through them i noticed quite a lot of them carrying advertising
and this seems to be more and more these days,i am always interested in various advertising on a ball, so i put a few pictures together for you which i hope will be of interest.

Also a nice titleist ball advertising the Belfry Golf Club

And what about about this from the US Open

And it seems Totenham Football Club look to raise awareness with there logo on a range of Ultra Balls.

And finally what is it with Tilly-Miss and Titleist ProV Balls once again she is pulling this ball out of hedgerows under leaves that even the human eye cannot see,then she jumps up and down throwing the ball in the air and then starts a ritual of rolling around for a few minutes coating her back in what seems the scent of this particular ball,she doesnt do this with any other ball? anyone have any idea of what this means.


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