Orders still coming through.

We are doing something that golfers obviously like getting very busy putting more orders together…thank you to everyone who supports tilly-miss, we will continue to offer a great range of golf balls at low affordable prices, you can be assured only the best quality ball will be posted at all times.
My hands are quite sore this evening due to washing so many golf balls,we do things the old fashioned way all by hand,this way i can check for damage on each ball,it is a slow process which takes me a long while but at least i can be confident in my mind that my customers are getting a good deal and very good quality golf balls.

Scraggy the fox is due at anytime as i have left him / her a big bowl of rice and meat with veg cooked especially for the beast who looked quite skinny the other night,my wife reckons i am mad and should not tempt the beast to the lawn but i like wildlife and enjoy watching them
when i can.

Hopefully there will be news on where the next 5 machines will be sited after talks today, i am eager to get the new machines running and i am getting samples sent through from country foods on the wasabi nut which is so hot you could cry, this will go well in our vending machines in the pubs.
Sleep well and sweet dreams xx tilly-miss


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