Increase in golf ball sales.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased golf balls from us this week
we have seen lots of interest and there are lots of packages wrapped and waiting to post on Monday,hopefully your delivery should arrive in a couple of days dependant on our good post office providing a speedy and efficiant service…..we are very grateful to everyone placing orders whether big or small,looking for a box big enough to hold 250 balls for a client,a trip to the shop to rescue a box will be needed,the cleaning of the balls has been done and my hands are aching it was a long task.
The weather is predicted to be sunny next week so i am going to pack up the car and the missus in the back and tilly-miss in the front and make our way to devon missus has been in hospital having her gaul bladder removed and needs a little recoup a tent holiday with good old fashioned primus stove should be about right to sort her out i can make a cuppa and put some beans in the pan for a bit of brekkie,while me and tilly go and have a scout round the local golf courses maybe missus might enjoy the walk and help her forget the pain…..only joking lol.
Bless her heart she has been suffering and a few nights rest and relax in a nice pub with some good food could do the trick.
Remember my fox at xmas…well he is back again and i have been feeding him/her just put out a great big plate of grub and expect him /her around 01:00 :30 usually comes looking at that time,fox has grown so much since xmas and it is lovely to see him appear i will try and get some pictures of him.
Tilly-Miss is sulking downstairs at this moment she is not allowed up to our room because of disturbing wife in the night,she was worn out tonight after we spent nearly 3 hours on a course which brought nearly 60 balls a fine nights work by any means.
Sleep well everyone and enjoy your weekend.


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