Catching Shrews and a rabitt…what next.

Unbelievable tilly-miss now has taken a liking to the shrew,those little things that leave mounds of earth all over the fields including golf courses, this morning i watched her get the first one there she stood on 3 legs (dont know why) her head going side to side and her ears up and down all i could see was grass,but tilly knew there was something on offer and as quick as lightning and a very quick shake of her head this shrew was finished and on its way to the grave yard for the tilly ritual,the same with the 2nd shrew but bugs bunny was different she never shook it but killed it with pressure to the underneath obviously kidney and heart squashed then the buriel again with her nose with leaves covering it.

To round the morning tilly-miss decided to roll in fox poo and the stench was unbearable so she has had to be hosed down and shampooed making her smell nice and clean.


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