Its been a Calloway Day.

Despite the scorching heat we made our way in to the woods and started picking golf balls like never before,where had they all come from in such a short time 99% of our finds are brand spanking new golf balls a selection of ProV and Maxfli along with new Ultra but outright winner by far today was Calloway and what great balls they were,tilly-miss was in the thick bushes amongst thorns and nettles bringing them out i was also busy picking up as i walked along,must say its been a long time since we have had so many brand new balls and you get the feeling that someone is planting them just for us.
We comb the woodlands daily and always take what we find my mum always told me to take what you see and dont leave nothing behind,a super day of walking sweating and more cuts to my arms than i could imagine but worth the effort without doubt.
We might add a lost ball service? maybe there are golfers who have a particular golf ball that they cherish? maybe it was a present from a loved one? or reminder of a holiday? a logo ball that means a lot to you? well we find loads of these some are from around the world with various logo’s,i would be distraught if i was presented with a special ball and then lost it heartbroken would be the answer? can you feel my pain? well maybe if you play golf in berkshire i might come to your rescue? mail me and tell me what ball and where you lost it and lets see what man and a dog can do no promises but maybe just maybe.


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