Clearing the field

Out at first light about 05:00 this morning to clear the field of the lonely and lost golf ball.
The mist sweeping gently upwards looked a real picture at this hour but tilly-miss was more concerned with chasing the early rising rabitts that were enjoying breakfast.
The field was packed with everything from white and colours of choice bothering to get working at this hour was a bonus we retrieved in excess of 300 good and bad balls which included some great calloway and proV balls.
We headed home with our haul minus any rabitts we were hoping to find sleepy enough for tilly to catch,we sorted good balls and trashed the rubbish and the huge wash along with earlier finds got underway.
Monday we have to meet with a golf club who are very interested in buying our vending machine hopefully we will do business in a polite fashion.
Sorry for my lack of postings recently i have been spending a lot of time in europe i am hopefully home for a few weeks and will try to bring new pictures and posts as soon as.
Just deciding on my new golf ball vending website that i wish to create
i want it to look very bright and cheerful with pictures of our locations and golf outlets complete with link section if anyone fancies the job mail me please.
Hope you all enjoy the sunny weather and have a great weekend.


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