Lady Golfers are everywhere on local course.

How lovely to walk in to my local course and see so many people playing,ladies dressed in some striking pretty colour clothing having a good time with friends, hopefully tonight should be good when i shall return to collect what they have lost or will they ?

Recent ladies days have returned very little in golf ball retrieval? now the big question? are the ladies playing better than the men? if it was down to me i would say without doubt the answer is yes,maybe the girls care about there prized coloured golf ball more than the men, i can walk round after ladies day and struggle to pick-up 8 or more golf balls,yet when it is the men versus the men oh what a differant story,we can easily treble the amount and more….so on that note well done ladies.
I know when the girls have been playing because most of the golf balls we retrieve are pretty coloured ones,the most found ball from ladies groups seem to be for breast cancer and they do come in some lovely colours,there is also golfer-girl ball which has started to become more evident from various courses,i do like finding the colours
and we have quite a few now in our vending machines and selling very well


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