We keep searching.

Brilliant sunshine today and tilly-miss has made sure i am aware of that
every move i make tilly is there close to my heels waiting for an excuse to be back on the golf course and in to the woodlands.
I was asked by a golfer “do you let tilly roam without any worry” my reply to the man was tilly will go and do whatever she wants,she watches me from a distance and i do the same,as long as i can see her i have no problem,if i see nothing of her for 15 minutes then i start to flap and look for her,when she was very young i actually lost her in the wood and was asking golfers had they seen her,i was calling her and still no sign,i was thinking what do i tell my wife and what will happen to me,all thoughts going through my mind as i walked to my car parked in a lane…then out from under my car came tilly-miss she had lost my scent but picked up again to lead her to the ccar..wow what a clever dog…not only finds golf balls but navigates her way to safety,from that day i have not worried anymore,the woods and golf courses are her playground and her killing fields,she has great fun learning new skills in hunting everyday.

Here she is relaxing after a chase with no luck.
And here are some golfers enjoying there friends company,the weather
and some good banter

Recognise yourself in the picture? if so tell me what course and i will send you 12 yes 12 top name balls….have a great weekend peeps whatever you do x tilly


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