Finding the “Golf-Ball” not so easy.

It seems that the stinging nettles are overtaking everything at the moment,making the golf ball even harder to spot than before when it was just leaves in the way,so another obstacle we have to try and get over on a daily basis.

But with an eye for a ball there will not be many that we wont spot along the way, we have in the past searched and found many golf balls in driving winds and rain, we have also retrieved in heavy snow and ice so a few stingers and nettles shouldnt cause us to much trouble….i must remember to wear a pair of socks,as i never bother wearing any,its something i have not done for over 30+ years simply because i have never missed them.

There she is Tilly-Miss ready and alert on a beautiful sunny morning inside the local course waiting patiently for a rabitt to appear from somewhere.

Lots of people about today and well done to them all as we walked through and for once never found a single ball, they must be taking more care of there shots or either they are aware of how much money they are loosing everytime they loose the ball?

We are now going to another local course i need to find ProV and Calloway balls due to topping up the machines and having visitors arrive to buy direct from me its better to be safe than sorry i think for the time being….saying that i have a contact looking to clear about 3000 mixed Calloway…ProV…Nike… very cheap but i have to wash them…its a hard life trying to make a living.

Finally for now…Indian Restaurant taking 50 mixed balls to start with….its all looking good…bye for now x tilly


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