Busy busy day.

Has been another busy day phone calls and people turning up at the door to buy our retrieved golf balls, 1 man turned up and brought a bag of 85 Titleist balls and another man turned up and left with 100 Calloway balls, both men acknowledged how good the quality of ball was,these are almost brand new if i brought this amount i would have paid treble the price,the other man told me they are the cleanest golf ball apart from the ball sold in his shop in a box you are a credit to deal with and you put a lot of time and effort in what you do.
Thank you gents your visit and business truly appreciated.

As we walked round this evening i was approached by a group of 4 asking are you the golf ball man with the famous doggie,can we have your card !!!!!
Its nice to know we are getting recognised locally,hopefully more soon as we have fitted yet another machine to a local pub very close to a course nearby.
The weeds and stinging nettles are causing me havoc,we have been so used to mud and rain and piles of leaves recently the nettles have shot up and makes finding a ball that little bit harder,tilly has been keeping busy pulling me Titleist and Nike from some deep thorn bushes,a golfer was watching her today and was amazed when i sent tilly in she returned a lovely Nike ball the man asked could he look at the ball and on inspection replied not a teeth mark insight what a great dog she is….comments like this make me very happy.


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