Worn out but we manage to break past the 100 balls with ease.

So much walking done today i feel totally cream crackered god knows how tilly is feeling.
We were out and about this morning in our quest to pass the 100 ball mark for the 4 day holiday break we infact passed that without any problems we are more nearer the 170 mark after a great morning venture followed by an even better afternoon/evening to finish the day,lots of Titleist showing through both courses and for a change quite a good catch of ProV along with the NXT Range also good to see the PTS Roll and PTS Carry Ball making appearance.
How many miles up hill and down have we covered and sad to say very little activity this morning or late afternoon was to be seen…maybe some important factors for course owners to get to grips with? you can only take so much money from people? learn by your mistakes or suffer even further,we also passed 3 seperate courses and you could see from the road they were deserted so obvious lessons need to be learnt i am horrified to hear that a round of golf is costing from £30 / £40….before you paid your petrol,before you hire a cart,before you have a drink or snack? then you have to think of the family who might want to go out for dinner or supper the day has cost £100 what and who will be able to afford that in todays society,were not all Dragons living in a sumptious Den flying here and flying there…your very ordinary people who have to think of your family and work and try as hard as you can to get through.
Have been reading a post from America golf courses going skint people not prepared to pay the money they charge? from what small scale courses i have seen in the last 4 days i have to say …get real and offer sensible prices or like america get swallowed in to the big black hole that will finish you all.


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