Sunshine brings good reward.

My goodness the sun comes out and how things change for golf courses and golfers,we travelled 3 courses and each one is crammed with short sleeved golfers some wearing shorts and some over dressed
for a game,but it is there choice and there money that is being spent.

We come very close to being hit by 2 golf balls this morning there was not a foot between either one of the balls bouncing from fencing and wood slat posts…very scary moment indeed.
Must say one thing thou i get so much amusement from watching these so called golfers,3 aussies on the course trying to play and look the part these guys had the clothing the bags and looked the part,but could they play…not a chance in hit a shot to the edge of the green? took him 7 attempts to putt the ball? i said why dont you give up and go to the clubhouse for a beer instead,he replied i have been playing ever so well today? i watched him tee of and my god tilly would have thrown it further just playing with it…it was the biggest farce of comedy error i have ever seen…think of all the money outlayed and think of the money he paid for the round of golf…give it up now and find another sport…i would hate to have seen what ball he was using,that would be the icing on the cake.
We had a good day ball wise suddenly it is all Taylor-Made and Calloway being found? is someone selling a lot of these balls cheap,never known so many TM being found.
We are heading out again to see what our golfing friends have left for us today,i have a nice copse area to get through and tilly needs to be in good form as there are many thorns to contend with.
Back later…


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