Lots of golfers playing today.

A slight change in the weather and out they come 2 courses we visited today were very busy, lots of group playing males, which in turn brings more golf balls.

A good selection of Taylor-Made..Nike and Titleist NXT Range were returned in good condition, there was also some real rubbish,which is probably a good thing we found them, this way we can disgard them before taking them home,you really have to see what some people are turning up with, you would be ashamed to own up to owning such poor quality.

We have another machine being sited this week, a wall mount in a large pub that attracts a golfing interest amongst its drinkers, so that is another to the list…our machines in the cotswolds are doing very well, golfers are making good use and 1 comment was “If i can buy Calloway balls in this condition for a £1 then why go to a golf shop”….nice comments indeed which have pleased me.

Tilly-Miss has had fun with the bunnies today, they have kept her busy running around, all in vain thou as she never managed to catch any, but tomorrow is another day so watch out buggsy.

Lots of interest coming through Twitter recently which is appreciated at least people are bothering to take the time.

Time to cut short….my wife is calling….back soon


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