So many things happening.

Sorry for being late with my update today its been one of them days,tilly-miss wanting to be out all day and a lot of things having to be sorted in and around the home.
300 golf balls put in the wash,make room for bags of balls to be stored,i am laughing at this because i am running out of places to store them,i have machines parked in the passage empty cans waiting to be labelled,more balls in boxes in the passage and a very tolerent wife for the moment (remember my last encounter) so i must be very careful over the weekend lol.
The cold weather seems to have taken its toll in the High Wycombe area (Flackwell) myself and tilly took a wonder over and found the course very quiet and amazingly empty of the usual crowds,but we enjoyed the walk and returned a good catch of excellant Calloway balls,i must admit i was very happy to see and find a lot of the Titleist
So~Lo ball its great to see that ball.
Question for you all have Titleist changed the outer case on the ProV1
ball? had some today that are exact to the PTS Carry design,a nice chunky feel to the skin,has anyone noticed this,the texture of the PTS
Range is more smoother than the original proV skin which we all know does not respond to good after a few hits the ball looks old and scuffed…does anyone have any comments to add about this.
Tigers Ball do you remember my post a week or so ago,well i sent this to a lad in another forum as his bro is tiger mad and being his birthday
thought it will be a nice present,tonight i get an email showing a link in USA on the same ball at auction for 20 dollars,so there seems to be serious collectors still out there,the ball is of no interest to me as you know i have thousands and many better logo’s than that,i am just happy that the ball will add a smile to birthday boy and to me that is priceless its not all about the money.
Tomorrow we head to another location what is in store nobody knows a good few ProVs would be nice and some bunnies for tilly would be ideal….until then take care and keep warm…tilyx


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