Freezing cold but the walking continues.

Wind was howling outside and another day started, tilly was sleeping at the bottom of my bed on a nice thick blanket watching my move, as soon as i was washed and had a cup of tea we were out the door, jasus that was cold the wind blowing across the fields gave little protection, in to the woods and tilly was away after another rabitt, the golf course was looking very deserted obviously to cold for the faint hearted.

No luck with the bunny tilly then met the deer family again, she will soon be best of buddies with them at this rate, off they all run 6 deer and tilly doing her best to get anywhere near, she gave in after a minute or so watching them fade in the distance, we took the outer course all the way round to give miss a good excercise and still never saw a golfer, things were that bad even the golf balls were playing hide and seek not a single ball,but to be honest it was so cold tilly was shaking and i was freezing, my hands and right leg were numb we just wanted to get back home in the warm with a pot of tea

Today i have at last managed (i hope) to have setup a page for tilly-miss on Facebook, another way of getting tilly noticed without having to pay so i have the link : and hope it is correct.

A call from Peter to inform me the pub in which the machine is sited in Ashton Keynes is doing rather well, a customer walked in and brought 6 balls or more and put them on the counter to check the quality, his comments made the landlords day, These balls are as good as you would buy new, i am very happy then drank his drink and left, to me that is great news because he will tell his friends and hopefully they will do the same, it is all about word of mouth from happy customers.

I have also had some other enquiries about the machine which i have to follow through, i am concentrating more on garage forecourts and have been setting up the machine and stand today as i also believe the pitch and putt courses could be a good target area.

Regards the Facebook link please support tilly-miss and hit the follow button, it will be appreciated.


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