Pub Landlord “Helping Our Heroes” Golf Day.

Up and on the road for another fitting at a Slough Public House, took my No1 fitter with me to make sure the job is done to perfection

Dean soon has the machine on the wall.

Looking good from Landlord Michael’s point of view….Just to let you know Michael is a very good fundraiser in the community,he organised a day of golf through his pub golf society in aid of “Help our Heroes” and raised nearly £3000 which is a great credit to everyone of his locals…well done to you all at the Chestnuts Pub in Langley,Slough.

And a big thank you to Peter for getting another machine in place this week at I mentioned this lovely pub last week in another blog, worthy of a visit if you are heading to the cotswolds, you will feel really comfortable in the surroundings of the hosts who offer  a warm welcome,very pleasant company and a thriving banquet of fresh cooked food,my last visit the restaurant was very busy,the aroma’s that swept through from the kitchen were enough to make me feel hungry.

We have very experienced fitting teams ready and waiting to install, the lads also do a very good job of cleaning and tidying up after the installation.

If you have a golf society in your local pub…workplace…office….get in touch we can supply brand new machines with top name brand recycled golf balls in a can.


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