More Interest from Canada.

Well i must say i have had some very interesting news again from Canada who along with America really like our golf ball vending machine,i am hopefully going to make contact early next week with a client who is keen to have tilly in place before the golf season starts,very interesting i will not sleep tonight thinking about this lol.
A golf course deserted of golfers greeted us today,not a soul or living person to be seen and we walked the entire course,i will not name the course out of respect but can honestly say they will not want many more days like today.
We rambled around choosing our favourite hot spots and returned a decent bag of Nike and Calloway balls along with a black refugee ball that i had not found for a long time,the last one i found at Denham early last year,so it is good to know people are still buying from them guys.
Some other good news or i am hoping it is…possible chance that my machine could soon be in a top name superstore…have to meet the manager and show the product…everything crossed wish me luck.
Need to order more wall brackets for the machines,running out fast….
Tilly has been very good she had some fun with 3 rabitts who left her standing and a pheasant she couldnt get to but good excercise for her on this rainy miserable day….thank you to the people who have been in touch your comments mean a lot and its good to know people are out there lol.Until tomorrow please god…a safe night everyone…tilly..x


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