Happier Times Today.

Well i must say it is good to be back with you all after the behaviour of tilly-miss,the wife blamed me and the evening silence was to much for me,but men being men thought i am not taking this and kept out of the way of the dragon that had turned on me.

Silence was the chosen option,the old dragon even made me make my own cuppa,but this morning as good as gold which has continued throughout the day? what might she be planning? a night of relentless passion? (lol) or she needs something from the shop probably and believe me nothing will move her from that armchair as she sits there with fire in her mouth watching all those cheap tv crap soaps that were once called programs,i guarantee around 2300 she will move that tired frame up the hill for yet even more rest.
Anyway tilly had a meeting with a couple of local doggies in the woods today,they had a great time chasing in and out of the ferns whilst i stood chatting to a very nice lady.
Interesting thing happened today,every ball found was a titleist ProV1 ball i have never experienced that before,our total find was a meager 16 balls some new,some not so new.
Met a man on the course today who asked is this the famous dog people are talking about? i was surprised and shocked at his comments but he adored tilly and said to me that the dog is a very special one and i am lucky to have her,you must treat her very well,we talked for a time about the dog and he gave tilly a nice yellow ball to play with,made me very happy…must go the dragon is breathing fire or passion? wish me well…tillyx  


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