One of them days today.

Started very good this morning with news 2 more machines were going in local pubs, great start so after a cup of tea i took my usual route to the golf course, it was raining quite hard and the trees kept us from the worst of the rain,but do you think tilly-miss would mind the rain? think again the naughty girl sat in the middle of the rain soaked path and would not move,rabitts or squirrel or deer would not have moved her she was adamant i am not walking in that rain, so there she is soaked from the rain filthy dirty from sitting in the mud bath of a path that the horses had just galloped through and wants to go home, home we go tilly in the house bolts through in to the lounge covered in mud, my wife shouting words that i dare not ever mention here blaming me, i get her in the passage and dry her the best way i can wife is shouting at me and at tilly dont come in here…oh my god we should have stayed out.

Within 15 minutes of being indoors tilly is hanging round me like a lost soul, she might be hungry so i get her dinner which she eats after 10 minutes and still following every move, my wife said she wants you to take her out again,so after a cuppa i get my boots on and coat open the door and she bolts out ahead of me we make it in the woods with the rain still lashing tilly wants to do the full circuit of the woodland.

Again she is covered in mud and soaked but chasing anything including pheasant that caught her eye, then brings me a brand new ball then another and we end up with 28 balls lots of good colours amongst them, we head for home and arrive to see my wife stood looking from the window, if anyone put the fear in me it is that woman, i thought oh no what now, as the door opened a towel come hurtling towards us with an echo of dry that blooming dog before you dare come any further, followed by some other choice words.

So we are in the bad books today and wife is still moaning and why i am here writing, i might pop down and see if she will make me a cuppa and gauge what the night will bring, wish me luck it could be a very long night of silence….until the next time if there will be one…goodnight tilly..x


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