Been a very busy weekend.

Friday was not the best of days as i prepared for the funeral of my dear auntie Johanna, a really nice service and an amazing turnout of family and friends from the UK and lots of family from Southern Ireland, it was lovely to see everyone take the time and make the effort, well i can say auntie had a great send off and we celebrated in a fashion auntie would have wanted, we drank so much beer we were all worse for wear, eventually arriving home around 02:30 in the morning.

Saturday spent recovering with extra long walk to get some fresh air in and a few headache tablets and a couple of red bull soon made the difference, we picked up a good haul of golf balls,tilly was chasing a deer, then realised it was my wifes birthday? so arrangements were made for another session, my god we had a good session and left my local at 04:00 am worse for wear,but lots of family made it a great evening and one we will repeat.

Sunday never moved out of bed till late, up and showered and a cuppa we went walkies again, never found a ball, that has never been heard off before but i am surrounded in the house with so many.

Today sold a lot of Titleist ProV Balls, another machine being fitted and the other pubs are selling ok from the info i am getting back, have been canvassing and keeping myself busy, but very tired.

Tomorrow i will get back to some proper writing, until then good night tilly.

Here is another machine being fitted.


One Response to “Been a very busy weekend.”

  1. Liz Says:

    Wish you lived near the Victoria Inn – you sound like you’d spend a few bob…….!! đŸ™‚

    I’m sorry to read of your dear Aunties death – but as you say, you gave her a great send off and I’m sure she would have been looking down approvingly!

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