Deer back in woodlands.

It was a pleasure to see the deer back in and round the woods whilst we were out walking, they seemed to stand for ages it seemed just watching tilly and myself.

I was very lucky to get quite close to them which made a change

Hopefully will get many more in the future.

It was a very lovely morning out in the clean crisp air, the added extra of a light smothering of fog made ideal walking conditions, i was very happy in the knowledge that no harm had come to them.

Tilly had a great day meeting her old friend Roly the young staffi and they played for ages running up and down the walkways, no sign of her doing any work thou, tilly just was not interested once roly appeared, they seemed like long lost friends re-united.

Golf ball machine still causing interest, more sites lined up along with fresh interest from garage forecourts,which is also very interesting, also we have been approached to sell our golf balls in the can to an exclusive area where tourists flock on a daily basis, more on that to follow soon.

The foxes are fighting in the field right now, seems they are having a right battle out there as i have put down some hot food for the young, but are they getting it.

Will keep things short as i have to go and see a man about some business leads, until tomorrow….goodnight..tilly x


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