Finding that golf ball.

Quite a busy day today sorting family issues etc, but we have still found time to find our way to the golf course, which in turn will hopefully give readers an insight to finding a ball, requirements needed for the position : good eyesight : knowledge of a golf course : lots of walking : be prepared to cut yourself to ribbons in search of the ball : have a great companion to go in the bushes and thorns

A constant companion will save you a lot of time and scratches to your face and arms,believe me i have had many in my time for the love of a golf ball. Throughout this post you will see where we have found these golf balls all of which were laid along the fencing around the woodlands, as we found them i took the pictures, the photos will show you from woodland to home where the cleaning process begins, our own magical formula will transform a dull looking weary golf ball in to a nice looking ball, each and everyone washed by hand,this way every golf ball can be checked for signs of damage, it is a very long process that takes considerable time, but the results speak for themselves.

The picture above returned 5 golf balls from that  small area, tilly-miss brought all 5 balls after sniffing through the leaves.

Hands frozen from the snow as i washed the dirt and mud that they were laid in

but the golf ball just has to be rescued and given another chance,that is why we do what we do, a gentle bit of TLC

makes a dirty ball

A very happy ball……aagh all lovely warm washed golf balls ready for the machine, every ball sealed in a container.


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