What did we see today.

Out the door with a fully charged camera battery in search of the deer, we met these lovely looking beasts en-route

They were still in the same location and looking for food it seems as they were very keen to run to the gate,sadly i had nothing to offer them. As i walked further i could see a large tree had become the victim of the cold weather and winds that have blasted the open fields.

I was looking to get photos of the deer and wondered round various parts of the open fields hoping to find them, i thought they might have settled in the old barn for the night to shelter from the winds howling, but no sign of them now for 2 days which is quite unusual.

Tilly-Miss was having fun chasing rabitts and was so close to having her first buggsie of 2010 but it wasnt to be, maybe later today

I thought she was going in after buggsy but she changed her mind, there are loads of bunnies waiting to tease tilly in this part of the woodlands, but there time will come make no doubt about that.

Scraggy was back eating his heart out last night, he scoffed all the food left for him whilst i was sleeping, another big feast is being prepared in the next couple of hours.


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