We made it to the golf course.

We made it to the course finally after days away, it feels good to be back where tilly belongs, and it was not long before we realised why, 3 rabitts greeted tilly on her arrival but far to quick for miss to get her teeth in, further along the track were 3 large deer resting until tilly sniffed them out and interupted there rest, looked like mum dad and young stood proudly together, i just wish i had taken my camera, so we are going back later hoping to get a couple of pictures.

Last night was very interesting, the feast for Scraggy the fox was laid and prepared and without fail scraggy appeared and was enjoying the feast when another 2 foxes appeared from the field opposite, tilly-miss was sat watching the open field and with the snow laying quite deep it was very easy to see way across the open field that was like someone had shone a torch across it. I thought great will get some very good pictures, but with scraggy eating and me trying to open the window without any noise and tilly whimpering the fox scarpered without me getting a picture, the other 2 foxes were not hanging round either they were on there toes and gone, so tonight tilly will stay downstairs until i have finished getting some snaps.

The golf course looks a white picture postcard as we can imagine no sign of any movement at all from ground staff or golfers, the complete place is deserted and looks like staying that way for considerable time, not a very good start for the owners in the new year.


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