On the golf course.

We went in search and found what we were looking for, yes the Deer family were back in the exact place as when tilly-miss disturbed them this morning, 3 beautiful animals with rugged grey coats, beautiful large eyes glaring straight towards us in fear no doubt of being harmed, i reached for my camera and snapped a picture but sadly captured the baby close to the fence, the picture is not good and i apologise for my over eager wanting of a family picture, if you focus to the right you will see the young crouched near the fence.

My camera let me down again as the deer bolted at full pelt along the bridal path another flat battery and a very angry me looking at them vanish in the distance, tilly gathering there scent decided on chasing a few yards before realising it was a useless effort.

Deserted course? not what it seems, just past where tilly is in the picture a very young rabitt had met a unhappy ending, the fox had obviously been watching the young bunny struggle and decided to have a feast, as i walked round the hedgerow tilly was busy rolling in the blood soaked snow, the only remains evident was a leg of the young rabitt which tilly had in her mouth and going to bury it.

The woodlands were alive with the deer shouting in there gruff calling tones, it is a great place for them to shelter and i should imagine there is a huge following of deer in every area, sadly it has been realised that people are now hunting these beautiful animals for no more than fun.

Battery is on charge for tonight, food has been made ready, a real tasty treat of chicken waits for Scraggy this evening, so i will be on my guard tonight hoping to get some pictures, then back to the woodland in the morning for more pictures.


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