To cold for the pub.

Had earlier plans to go to the pub and have a good session, but obvious reasons with the weather made me think is it really worth it? to get to the pub it is a taxi ride there and back, and will i get one due to weather, i like a cigarette with my pint and thought no way am i standing outside freezing my shoes of when those arrogant bu66ers in house of commons are laughing at us all while they smoke and drink, so decided to stay put as i have more than enough beer in the house, i just like to get out and have sometime to myself.

One of my favourite pictures of tilly-miss, lucky to have saved this one as i lost quite a few earlier on new years day, here is my little man trying on his winter hat, we have to keep him warm in the snow.

Little man certainly has fun when he stays, grandad and nanny spoil him and grandad always gets told of by nanny for giving me to many sweets, i am hoping they will get to see us soon,when the snow has gone we will have them stay.

The feast of food is prepared for Scraggy and friends tonight, they have a banquet of meat and bones to chew on plus an assortment of treats from tilly’s box, so i have charged the battery on my camera and hope to get some pictures.

When will the snow clear i cannot really get anywhere and i am loosing around 200+ golf balls per week, at the moment my stocks are very high of every golf ball you can imagine, but i need to have more, does anyone have any golf balls to send me, get in touch if you have….

Going to do something but do not know what, so i will say goodnight everyone and take care, keep warm and keep safe…tillly x


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