Visitors in the dark of night.

Just as i was heading for my bed last night, i looked out of my window and realised my visitors had arrived a little earlier than planned, Scraggy  the fox usually appears round about 01:30 am this time he must have been out and about early due to hungar, tilly had heard him and started whimpering and was eager to get outside, but as we watched from the window another surprise (and that is not all) a young deer appeared looking for food, it was lovely to see the fox on one side and the deer in the middle not at all bothered by each others company, then to my surprise and never seen before a cat followed them both,it was quite amazing watching the 3 of them together, this lasted for 10 minutes or more, i was trying to get pictures through the window, but the light from my camera kept throwing back on the window, but i managed to get this.

Not great but i also snapped another

I had to be very quiet opening the window and trying to stop tilly-miss wanting to jump from the 1st floor window, but thankfully you will clearly see the images,sadly the cat was not waiting round to long as all three wondered down the ice cold road, which left me thinking what will happen to them all throughout the night, my wife witnessed the event that took place and has talked all day to family and friends of the 3 unlikely suspects joining forces in search of food, tonight i will prepare more food as the evening air has dropped and getting very cold, hopefully i will get more pictures.


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