Its snow go again today.

We had a late night last night, i decided on watching and waiting to see the wildlife make appearance, and true to his ways old scraggy arrived as usual looking for his scraps, the old fox creeps around during the night searching out food, so i made sure he was guaranteed a feast, i mixed up corned beef with tilly’s fresh meat and biscuits in a large helping and placed it on the lawn, early hours of the morning he came trotting through the field and found the banquet, he was there a good 5 minutes enjoying all he could and then looked round and scarpered in to the cold dark night, another job complete.

In the morning light tilly was out sniffing the fox scent and making sure she left her mark so foxy will think about coming back, but while the cold weather spell is here i will again leave another feast for scraggy tonight.

Clearing snow round the house has been the issue, we have some really deep layers, so out with the salt and brush and spade i made a clearing, but a waste of time i am told as another lot of snow is due this evening, but tilly has been enjoying jumping in and out of the drifts, the road is very dangerous with thick ice forming more as tempretures start to fall even further, so staying put and have to think what to do next, so a long night again it seems.

Thanks to new followers in Thailand, Australia, Canada and the UK, pleased to have your company and hope we can keep you amused in the weeks ahead, for now it is time for my evening banquet so everyone stay safe and warm until tomorrow…x tilly


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