What did we find today?

To sum it up very quickly 1 Srixon ball and 7 broken Calloway balls again + 1 Titleist yellow, very worrying why Calloway are breaking to pieces, i looked inside the core which looked quite brittle on all the balls, dark pink core on each ball and definate signs that no mower was responsible for the damage as i found a few balls that had been butchered by the mean machine, no comparison ! makes you wonder if someone is importing some dodgy balls.

What a beautiful morning, we were out and about the frosty ground and the welcome sunshine made ideal conditions for a good brisk walk, tilly-miss enjoyed yet again stumbling across 3 deer who had sought refuge in some very prickly bushes close to the course,it was delightful to watch all 3 scarper to a nearby field only to stand watching us, i really do like watching wildlife which is in abundance throughout the forest.

The course was again deserted the ground was quite frozen, sand bunkers were likeĀ  a frozen lake, it is not surprising nobody turned up, this evening was very evident that the weather was going to get much colder, tilly was cold and a course looked like a countryside picture in winter.

Today i managed to send out golf balls,at last the post office is starting back, our local post office has not had a collection from royal mail since 23rd December and the shop was full of parcels waiting to be forwarded on.

Not looking forward to another task, i am wanting to clear all the rubbish golf balls, there are 100s to go through and placed in the Welsh Collection Box, hopefully Andrea will arrange a collection very soon (just in case you are reading this) i must start making more room, we have so many golf balls everywhere round the house, all various makes and colours have found there way in to various hiding places in the house and now my wife is getting a little peeved, believe me i could open a shop.

So after my magical days walking returning 1 lovely Srixon ball i think i will have a sort out tomorrow,as i cannot see to many people being out,also finding iced golf balls stuck in the ground makes hardwork so leave it for a few days to see if the ground softens.


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