So busy and so much to do.

Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest, have a lay in potter around at your own leisure, oh my where has it all gone wrong, i do not know where i am coming from at present time, up and out with tilly-miss then back home to sort golf balls that have ben ordered,wash more golf balls for the machine, sort out any rubbish ball that is being passed to a school in wales for there downhill golf ball race in the summer, i am very close to having the 1500 which was needed,then out again with tilly to hoover excess loss from the early afternoon golfers,back home my wife now wants to go out and visit family,phone ringing it is my son can you look after blah blah does it get any worse for a sunday?

Now this is something quite unusual,we were walking round this morning and tilly came jumping out of the hedge throwing this Nike ball around on closer examination was a picture of a golfing professional, i went home and done a search and found this amusing site your face on a golfball which shows a vast array of people from managing directors, to mother in law with a confession after hitting mother in law the ball travelled so much further than normal, someone desrves a pat on the back for that idea.

The course was very busy today despite increases in the fees, i was told you now pay £14:70 for 9 holes and £28:00 for 18 can this really be true? blimey its a good thing i do not play there would be no money left for the beer. Please tell me how that price is justified i always thought Dick Turpin was dead, i know we had some bad weather but this surely cannot have anything to do with these prices.

Have a good evening visitors have arrived so goodbye for the time being. tilly x


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