Found a few pictures.

Sorry about that, just found some but lost a lot unless i spend time tonight going through everything.

Some of the rubbish being played with on courses, why do people bother after spending so much on everything else? also please tell me why so many people deface a golf ball with ink? you might say so they know there ball? surely you know what your chosen ball is when you start a game? or is it to stop ball retrievers like us? today i have sorted more than 3 bags all of these in the picture have been defaced with ink marks, they will be offered on Ebay as marked balls, i will wash them all and they will be very clean, the annoying thing is there are so many brand new balls, i would estimate around 700 that have been spoilt…..on a lighter note something i am very proud of.

My vending machines lots and lots of them ready to have logo’s attached filled with balls and released to the public through offices workplaces pubs and forecourts hotels and golf courses……what makes me happy….take a look…

My grandchildren Caden and Casey taken as they woke on xmas day,santa brought them so many presents.

Caden with Nanny after nanny added a hair slide? who is a gorgeous looking boy?


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